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Cost for Using the RegBooth Event Registration Website

Free Admission Events:
These events are no charge to you, (the event organizer) provided you have 500 or fewer attendees.
Just create a demo account on the RegBooth home page.
Limitations of a Demo Account:
  • Events older than 90 days will be deleted.
  • Attendees who do not attend any event for 90 days will be deleted with their history of attendance.
  • No recurring events.
Events Where Tickets Must be Purchased:
To receive payments by credit card for your (the event organizer's) ticket sales, apply for a Merchant
Account (at Epicpay/FortisPay). When you are approved, upgrade your demo account to a paid RegBooth
account by signing into your account and clicking on Upgrade to a Paid Account. (You will be asked to
provide your credit card, which will be used to pay the account and per ticket fees.) You can also enable
payment by check, eTransfer or some other form of electronic payment. (Sorry, this is not available yet.)

With a paid account, your costs will be:
  Account Fee Per Ticket Fees     (Based on pre-tax ticket cost)
Monthly Plan Yearly Plan Credit Card Other Payment Methods
USA $3.97/month $39.97/year Merchant Fees +
0.5% + 10¢
0.5% + 10¢
Canada $4.97/month $49.97/year
International $4.97/month $49.97/year Not available yet
For free events with more
than 500 attendees, you pay
only the account fee.

In Canada, GST/HST is extra.
  Note: Once a month, your credit card will be automatically charged for the per ticket fees incurred during the previous
            month. If you are paying your account fee monthly, you will be billed for the next month at the same time.
            If you are paying your account fee yearly, you'll be billed on the anniversary of your account, for the following year.

Per Ticket Comparison with EventBrite:

(Essentials Plan)
(credit card)
(other payment methods)
USA 2.5% (merchant fee)+
2% + 79¢ (service fee)
= 4.5% + 79¢ (total)
2.9% + 30¢ (merchant fee)+
0.5% + 10¢ (service fee)
= 3.4% + 40¢ (total)

(FortisPay also shares a small part
of the merchant fee with us.)
0.5% + 10¢ (service fee)
Canada 2.5% (merchant fee)+
2% + 59¢ (service fee)
= 4.5% + 59¢ (total)
International Costs depend on country
See rates here
Not available yet
How Other Payment Methods Work:     (Sorry - this is not working yet, check back in a few weeks.)
An attendee can pay you (the event organizer) by other means besides using a credit card - with a check or
an electronic means such as eTransfer, PayPal, Apple Pay or Google Pay. (If enabled in your account.)
When they choose that option, we give them "the benefit of the doubt" and assume they will send you the
payment. To verify this we send them an email, asking them to click a link after they have sent the payment.
We also remind them that they won't be registered until their payment has been confirmed by you. We also
send you an email to confirm you received the payment. After confirming, they will be marked as registered.
(You can confirm receipt of the payment by clicking the link in the email or signing into your account.)
To ensure you get your payment, each attendee gives permission to have their credit card charged if they do
not pay within a reasonable amount of time.
(The first event ticket an attendee purchases, will be paid with a credit card.)
Since each attendee pays you (the event organizer) directly, all requests for a refund are your responsibility,
regardless of the method of payment.
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 Sept 28, 2021
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