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Over the last 20 years, Donarius has been continuously improved and refined from the
comments and suggestions of over 900 happy customers making it "Software Tailored for You!"

Easily track your customers, leads and sales.   Print invoices and sales receipts, or email them.
(It is currently being used by almost 2,500 churches and ministries.)

With Donarius you can have it all:
>>> functionality
>>> easy to use
>>> personalized customer service
>>> low cost

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Import orders  

Easily Import Online Orders

  • Online orders are imported from your payment provider.
  • Import in 3 easy steps (click a link, select the file, click an Import button).
  • Donarius Customer/Sales Management Software is integrated with:
    • PayPal
    • Vanco
    • EpicPay
    • WeShare
    • Moonclerk
    • Givelify
    • Bambora
    • Txt2Give
    • Kindrid Giving
    • Stewardship Technology
    • Stripe
    • Parish Giving
    • (If your provider is not on this list, we'll add it no charge.)
  • You just need to add the Online Orders module.
Barcode Reader used by CRM management software  

Save Time and Avoid Headaches

  • speed up entry of your orders using a barcode reader to scan UPC codes
  • quickly enter checks with a check reader. You read the check,
    the customer is found and you just type the amount.
  • print statements or email them as PDF files.
    (To send emails you need the Letters/Emails module)
  • store customer images/documents
CRM Management Software without a monthly fee

Access from anywhere

Donarius will access your data from any computer
by sharing files over the Internet.
So you can access the data at both the office computer
and at home. (Windows and/or Mac OS X)
Donarius is not web-based CRM management software,
but you get the same functionality without any monthly fee.
Print Sales Receipts

Print Invoices

  • print an invoice or sales receipt for one or all customers
  • save paper, envelopes, ink/toner and postage by emailing invoices as PDFs
  • print invoices/sales receipts from the order entry window
  • use standard letter size paper (8" x 11"), pre-printed forms
    or using a receipt printer
  • has several styles of invoices and sales receipts to choose from
  • design your own invoices or email us a sample in Word and we'll set it up for you
    The first one is no charge and any changes after that have a small setup fee.
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Number of customers per range

Understand Your Sales

Display sales and accounts receivable in a variety of ways:
  • view sales for a date range, grouped by day, week, month, quarter or year
  • view sales and/or accounts receivable for one customer or the total for all customers
  • compare sales and/or accounts receivable for all customers
  • display a graph of the number of customers per sales range.
Setup Users

Keep Information Confidential

Donarius CRM software controls what actions each user is allowed to do.
For example, you determine what each employee is allowed to
view/edit and which reports they can see.

Other employees can have full access.

A password must be given when the software is started. Each employee has a unique password.

The software can also be used by a single user without any password, by not setting up any users.

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View Emails

Communicate with your Customers

Send personalized letters, emails and text messages to selected customers based on:
  • which accounts were purchased from
  • the amount purchased (the amount can be the total spent during a
    time period, a single sale or an accounts payable amount per year)
  • when they purchased
  • type of customer
  • characteristics of the customer
  • age
When contacting leads, you can select:
  • when you first contacted them
  • how they responded to previous communcation
  • what stage they are in your sales funnel
Automatically changes text/wording on the fly depending on the rules you setup (i.e. conditional text)
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Donarius CRM Software
Donarius Customer/Sales Management Software

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  More Features of Donarius "I had looked at several church giving programs, each having a plethora of things that could be done. I needed something simple and easy to use and Donarius fit the bill. You buy only what you need and at a very affordable price. I highly recommend it." - David R., First U.M.C., Auburn, NE
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Donarius is installed on your computer.
(not web based CRM software,
but it can still be accessed from multiple
computers and without any monthly fee.)

Pricing starts at $63.97 US ($67.97 CAD) and
additional modules are $16.50 US ($18.00 CAD) each.

(25% off for small companies)
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Take advantage of our customization promise. We understand your company may face unique issues that require changes to our current software design. That's why we're happy to modify your Donarius software to fit your individual needs, at no extra charge. We make this extraordinary offer for two reasons. Firstly, we want our CRM software to be the very best it can be. Your improvements may very well help other businesses be even more effective. Secondly, as a Christian company, we are committed to "loving our neighbor" with excellent service and affordable prices on our customer/sales software. Call us today to find out more, or download your free demo copy today to see how Donarius can maximize efficiency, while saving you time and money!
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