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History of Major Improvements to the Data Krypter
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Data Krypter Encryption Software

Overview of the Data Krypter

Encrypted Emails
The Data Krypter

The easy way to keep your data secure well into the future when quantum computers become mainstream.
  • encrypts files, folders and blocks of text
  • when encrypting a file/folder, you have the option of:
      -giving the file/folder a random name
      -securely erasing the original
  • makes your data useless to an attacker in case you are ever a victim of ransomware.
    But you need to prepare ahead of time by encrypting your sensitive files.
    Then the attacker cannot:
      -use your data or
      -threaten to make your files public
    Be aware that encryption is only one part of a plan to protect yourself. Cyber criminals often gain access with a phishing scheme, so it is imperative that everyone be trained to recognize such schemes. You also need to have backups of all data, stored on external devices that are not part of your network. More recommendations are here.
  • you can receive encrypted files from someone else and only one of you needs to have a paid version (or a non-expired trial version) of the Data Krypter. i.e. an accountant or lawyer pays for the software and all their clients can send encrypted files with a trial version (even if it has expired).
  • even if someone has access to your computer they can't decrypt your files because your:
    -master password is encrypted and can only be decrypted by knowing the master password
    -private keys are encrypted
    -secret keys are encrypted (stored only to help recover keys).
    Try the Data Krypter:    
  • symmetric encryption (the same secret key to both encrypt and decrypt)
  • asymmetric encryption (public/private keys) using NTRU-2x2 which was
        proposed by Banks and Shparlinski in 2002.
    e.g. to send an encrypted file to someone, ask them to send a public key.
    You encrypt the file with the public key, send it to them and they decrypt
    it with their private key. If anyone else gets the encrypted file, they can't
    decrypt it because they don't have the private key.
  • can send encrypted emails by encrypting the text of a message then pasting it into an email
  • quantum-proof (also called quantum-secure)
      -the symmetric algorithm does not rely on finding the prime factors of an integer
        so using Shor's algorithm on a quantum computer won't help decipher it.
      -all versions of NTRU (for asymmetric encryption) are lattice based and a quantum
        computer won't help.     (See why here and here.)
      -on the other hand most public-key cryptosystems (like RSA, DSA, ECDSA, EdDSA,
        DHKE, ECDH, ElGamal) are quantum-broken!
      - protects you from "harvest now, decrypt later" (HNDL) This is where adversaries
        store your encrypted data today hoping to decrypt it in the future with more
        advanced quantum computers.
  • no back door - even we can't break your encryption since we don't
    know your master password, secret keys or private keys.
    (This means no one else can break it either.)
  • An encrypted file can be viewed/edited then when the view/edit window is closed, it will be encrypted back to the same location. The file can be opened from inside the Data Krypter or by double-clicking it.
  • Can be setup to automatically backup encrypted files to the folder of your choice.
  • runs on Windows (Mac version will be available in 2024)

    For more details about the software read the User's Guide.
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