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Church Fundraisers
Below you will find information on some of the best church fundraiser ideas we know of. This information has been provided to us by our friends at Easy Fundraising Ideas. They operate the most informative fundraising website for both church and faith-based groups that we have seen.

Although you will find hundreds of great fundraising programs on their website, we want to focus on three that work wonderfully for church groups.
  • Candle Fundraisers: The most popular fundraising program among church groups seems to be selling "Walk with Jesus" candles. It is a pre sell or brochure fundraiser that does not require any money to paid in advance of holding your fundraiser. The candles are all Scripturally themed and made in the USA. Your church group makes 50% profit on every candle it sells.

  • Fundraising Flower Bulbs: Selling flower bulbs for a fundraiser has become one of the top producing campaigns for both faith-based and other organizations. Like candles you use free brochures to pre sell flower bulbs with. You collect your money as you sell so you have the cash on hand to purchase your bulk flower bulb order. There are two programs so you can sell bulbs any time of year.

  • Coffee Fundraiser: This is another brochure fundraiser that works extremely well for church groups. You sell from a brochure offering seven different flavors of ground coffee, six flavors of tea and a separate old fashioned coffee gift tin. Your group makes 40% profit on every item sold. This fundraiser works well any time of the year but especially well in the eight week period leading up to Christmas.
We would be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation fundraising catalog that details all of the different fundraising ideas. Click here for your FREE catalog.

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